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Create Unlimited Craigslist PVA's!

Dear visitor please read through the information on this page. This is not going to be your standard sales page hype and babble. What follows here is meant to inform you before you make your decision to purchase or not to purchase. There are some very important things you MUST know ahead.
All Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts are not created equal!

Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts (PVA's) are in high demand! You will be able to make over 200 new accounts with our automated method.
With this method you can make durable quality PVA's that will keep both the Craigslist bots and your customers happy.

High Quality PVA's Get Top Dollar!

Good accounts made in the USA on clean US IP's with random US phone numbers generally fetch $7 each or more.

We will show you how to create these and where to sell them. Cut down on non-productive legwork and maximize sales.

We are established in this industry and will share everything you need to know to make some serious cash. In good times or bad Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts sell. The demand is increasing and quality PVA's are hard to come by.

There are lots of fly-by-night types out there selling garbage for less than $3.00 each that land their customers in "Ghost" city or "Account on Hold" hell. Some even sell the same accounts over and over again.

You'll have satisfied return customers who will trust you to give them an excellent product.
Your return customers will be a goldmine.

Just one of our customers has bought over 1700 accounts from us in the last 9 months. She has built up a very nice Craigslist business and runs close to 800 assorted affiliate ads per day. She is one of many such clients.

Note: As of 8-24-09 Craigslist began soft banning major DSL ISP IP numbers. (This means that posters using DSL will now be required to use PVAs to post ads on Craigslist) They started this on the northeast coast. There are still some smaller providers whose IP's have not been soft banned. It is just a matter of time until CL soft bans them as well. Those who use DSL will now have to use Phone Verified Accounts. This is good news for YOU the PVA provider.

Provide a Quality Product!

We know all the techniques (white hat, grey hat and black hat) for creating CL PVA's and most of the techniques being sold today will win you lots of enemies and could even land you in jail. That's no way to conduct business. Let us show you a better way.

Our guide will walk you through step-by-step on how to create quality unlimited PVA's either for your own use or to sell to others who desperately need them.

If you need Phone Verified Accounts for your own personal use this is really your best choice.

YOU will be able to create as many accounts as you need when you need them and not be at the mercy of anyone else. Do you need hundreds of accounts? Thousands? You'll make back the cost of this program many times over.

Yes, we are selling our method and no, we are NOT worried about competition. Demand is growing and there is plenty of work out there for anyone willing to put this together. We'll show you how, and the money is excellent.

Fortunately for us at there are many bad PVA's being sold so the demand will never end. As Craigslist changes the rules and scrubs bad accounts we win again. You can too.

Just to be Clear

The Unlimited PVA's. technique involves:

No travel of any kind

No making enemies

No use of bulk phone number suppliers

Free PVA creation (

Unlimited account creation (OK, you ARE limited by the number of phones there are)

A creation method that will never be saturated

Making solid PVA's every time

High rate of automated creation

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